Core Services

Cyber Security

Specific training geared for software developers, for network and system engineers, and for business support.

Cyber Security

Risk Assessments, Incident Response Plan, employing best practices, policies, procedures, fire drills, and more.

Cyber Security

Information on the best tools for network scanning, active and passive code scanning, as well as ethical hacking techniques.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security and Secure Application Development are our passions here. It is more than what we do. It is a part of who we are. And we bring that to you in unique ways to help you and your organization learn how to perform your business securely.

We Come To You

We do not make you send us one of your key technical people for multiple thousands of dollars to have them go back and teach all they learned. We train your group in your spaces to hear what we are teaching and adapt their role.

We do not Train to a Certification

We are not here to help you pass a test. We are here to train all IT and non-IT personnel in sound security practices for all facets of your business.

We train non-IT personnel

Security is everyone's responsibility. Including security in everything you do is a cultural change and affects everyone at a company. Hacking is not an IT-only domain. There are social hacking aspects and secure processes to consider as well.

Creating a Secure Culture

This training talks on Cyber Security, what it means, and how businesses need to incorporate it into everything they do. This is an introduction into the other development, business, and engineering training.

Creating a Secure Development Culture

This training covers the OWASP Top 10, secure Headers, Authentication, REST APIs and Session Management among other things to create more secure applications from the start.

Create a Secure Engineering Culture

This training covers layering in security, network topologies, least privilege accounts as well as ethical hacking and penetration testing and more.

Creating a Secure Culture

This training talks on Cyber Security from a non-IT viewpoint, including physical security, common hacking techniques, social hacking, and process and procedure techniques to help guard your business and educate your workforce.

Creating a Secure Development Culture

This training covers securing your home network, which is really your extended business network. Topics include turning on and off ports used for web browsing, email, video games as well as common practices to secure your wireless router and the default installation of your network provider.

Cyber Security Consulting

Satismo personnel will perform a Risk Assessment for you and your organization to include physical security of IT assets, network security as well as review of all policies, procedures and industry best practices to show you your Cyber Security health.

Incident Response Plan / Cyber Security Plan

We will help you come up with a tailored Incident Response Plan for all your needs to include physical data breaches as well as virtual data breaches. This plan will dictate the teams, the leaders, points of communication, as well as the processes you go through to identify, control, and recover from any kind of data breach.

Consulting IT Staff

If you already have an IT staff in place, our personnel will work with the staff and required business personnel on site to show possible areas for improvement.

Implement Security Updates

If you do not have an available IT staff, our personnel will work with the required business personnel on site to implement the fixes, updates, or risk mitigation for your desired improvement.

Cyber Security Support

With over 40 years experience in Software Development and Network Engineering arenas, 20 specifically in Cyber Security, Satismo personnel have skills in all of these key areas.

Secure Development

Architecting an environment to promote secure development.

Cloud control

Cloud based system security, architecture, design and implementation.

All star support

Customized templates for processes, procedures, plans to jumpstart your Cyber Security initiatives.

Ethical Hacking

Penetration testing, ethical hacking, and other ways for you to test your own network and systems.

our amazing founders

Over 15+ years experience each in the cyber security field.

Dale Bingham

Owner / Trainer / Developer

Dave Gould

Owner / Trainer / Cyber Security Professional

Let's talk to see how we can help you improve your cyber security health!

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